Third Party Product &
Process Assurance

  • Arrive at Agreement of Inspection/ Quality plan in discussion with the Manufacturer and the customer
  • Carry out Pre-Dispatch/ Controlled Shipping/ Quality Gate inspection at the outgoing level
  • Identification of non-conformances/ abnormalities and provide shift-wise/ daily feedback to Production/ QA team
  • Co-ordination for the resolution of issues
  • Co-ordinate with Quality and Production team for process audit review
  • Conduct process audit as per process Audit plan
  • Review of Process audit findings and identify the Correction, Root cause and Recommend Corrective action
  • Follow-up on the implementation of Correction and Corrective action
  • Submission of MIS to the Management on a monthly basis
  • Co-ordinate with the Cross-functional team of the company
  • Follow APQP approach
  • Prepare PFD, PFMEA, Control Plan and other documentation
  • Sample inspection
  • Visit the suppliers and monitor Supplier process and product development at the supplier end
  • Tracking the Product development status and submission of MIS on a monthly basis.
  • Participate as part of CFT
  • Preparation of PFD, PFMEA and Control Plan
  • Conducting MSA studies
  • Conducting Initial process study (SPC)
  • Conducting Layout inspection
  • Support for PPAP submission as per customer prescribed level
  • Co-ordinate with suppliers and Organization for product and process development at the supplier end
  • Developing Agreement Of Inspection of all the parts supplied and getting the approval from the Organisation
  • Conduct process & Product audit at Supplier end as per the requirement
  • Submission of MIS on a monthly basis
  • Participate as part of CFT
  • Compile Rejection/ rework/ FTR data on a regular basis
  • Preparation of Pareto chart to identify vital few
  • Participation in Root cause analysis and taking corrective action
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the corrective actions

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